Welcome to the Westridge Library Media Center!  This site is designed to provide students with information to help with classes, as well as show the wonderful world of reading.  This site includes links to new books in the library, where to go to browse for a new book, and links to great reference sites.

The start of the year is always exciting!  Students will be receiving their Macbooks in mid-August.  It is important the parents have completed the Online Verification (Responsible Use and Acceptable Use Policies) before a student can receive a MacBook.  

Care of the MacBook is extremely important!  Students are responsible for any damage to their device or charger.  These items are used and will have cosmetic scuffs, scratches, and dings - students are not charged for general use.  However, students are charged when damage interferes with the working of the device or charger. Students must always leave the case on to protect the device and should never eat or drink when using their device.   Remember the devices are the property of Shawnee Mission School District and should only be used for educational purposes. 

Students will be using Destiny for their library information needs.  The website is

Or, you can use the links on the webpage to search for school and district libraries as well as the Johnson County Library, Kansas State Library and an Internet Library.  Please feel free to come to me when you have questions. 

Under the document button, you will find useful information for your classes - this includes websites and documents of power points on how to do DBQ's, how to use EasyBib, and most anything else you will need to be successful this year.  If you can't find it there, let Mrs. Dierks know and she will try to find something to help you.