The Westridge band program has established a wonderful tradition of excellence and we are glad for you to be a part of it.  Participation is beneficial in many ways – students are engaged daily in a highly creative performing art that stimulates growth in other areas.  Students develop traits such as teamwork, responsibility, dedication, self-discipline, social skills, confidence, leadership and dependability.  Band gives students a sense of accomplishment, belonging, pride, and respect as they develop musical and personal skills.  


Middle school band introduces new music technique and concepts on their instrument, as well as reinforces those learned in elementary band.   It gives students a chance to try another instrument to possibly add to the ensemble.  Students perform at several performances in their building as well as in the community.  Students learn how to play all sorts of music, including jazz, marches, concert, chorales, popular, and more.

Band Concert Dates: All Westridge Band Concerts take place in the East Gym at 7:00pm