Dungeons and Dragons Club

Do you dream of packing your bags and leaving the Shire for point unknown in the Forests of the Elves, mines of the Dwarves, or theinter dimensional Tower of the Wizards? Perhaps playing Dungeons and Dragons is for you. Fill out the form below to express your interest! Communication will be made by email. Games will be played online.


Gay-Straight Alliance

Young people create change. As active members of your communities, you carry an immense amount of power. By speaking up for what you believe is right, you can advocate for the wellbeing of all students at our school. Do you want to lead the way to a more inclusive world? Fill out this form to start getting notifications about our online meetings.


WebEx Game Club

Do you like playing social deduction games? Maybe board games? Want an avenue to actually get to talk to friends while you do it? Sign up for WebEx Game Club to play games like Werewolf, Among us, Risk, Parcheesi, and others online and via WebEx.